Sonya Woodman is a lifelong artist born in the Ukraine and raised in Massachusetts. She is a graduate of The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, with a BFA in Illustration. Since 1998 Sonya has been a seasonal resident of Provincetown MA. She has spent summers working in hospitality to fund winters traveling and creating art. From 2001 until 2007 she has intermittently been living and traveling in South America, Australia and South Africa, which has influenced her earlier works. Over the years Sonya has played the role of fine artist, sculptor, sign painter, and illustrator for local businesses and individuals in the Cape Cod community. Fine art works have been shown at Kennedy gallery, Passions Gallery, Café Edwige, and the Provincetown Art Association Museum. In 2006 she became a donor to the Cape to Cape charity helping Cape residents fight AIDS in South Africa, contributing art to promote and raise funds for their cause. Currently she is showing recent works at the Wicked Oyster restaurant in Wellfleet and seeking further gallery representation after taking time off to have her first child in 2007. When Sonya is not creating art with her daughter, she is outdoors enjoying life with her family and planning future adventures.


“The evolution of my art has been a process which began with crayons and clay and resulted in representational painting. My art began as an escape from reality, and ended up being a medium to embrace and elucidate reality in all of its gloom and glory. While traveling I was constantly inspired by new places and cultures, and created art as a form of visual journalism. The result has been intimate figurative images with surreal qualities. I generally seek to express my sense of humor, humility, and admiration for my subject matter whether it is animate or not. My painting style is a process of sculpting two dimensional space by way of layering sketch and paint, creating a skeleton image of bright tones overlaid with more subdued hues. Primarily I use acrylic paint on canvas, masonite, or illustration board, but do work with a watercolor acrylic medium blend as well. For my fine art works I custom create framing, currently using recycled wood from the demolition of old Cape Cod buildings. I generally view my subject matter as multifaceted and kinetic, and my goal is to bring life to an image. The world around us is constantly changing as the great impressionist embraced so thoroughly. I embrace life and energy and hope to exude this enthusiasm on the surfaces on which I create.

Though fine art works have been the primary bi-product of my experiences, I still aspire to work with text and have the privilege to translate other stories and concepts into images. Over the years I have created my own greeting cards, experimented in book images, and expressed political and cultural perspectives. Through this web portfolio I hope to discover new opportunities to visually communicate and collaborate.”

Sonya Woodman